(ˈɒkə ) australian slang
noun: an honest, laid-back, fair dinkum, fun-loving larrikin.

Originating in Perth, OKKA was created to share my deep love for the game of golf. I screenprint my designs here in Perth and obsess over every little detail. 


OKKA's objective revolves around designing clothing first and foremost for the golf course, yet still able to be worn long afterwards when having a few froths with mates.


Who says golfwear can’t be personal and seamlessly fit into everyday attire, blending style and comfort?


about me


I'm Kalani. Born and bred in Perth, WA. Golf tragic since starting uni 10 years ago.

Big on golf. Big on details. Big on enjoying myself.

First and foremost, I want to make shit I would want. And if others vibe with it, even better


Note: All products I make are limited. I’d rather make less and ensure what I make is of the highest quality and ensure current customers are beyond satisfied.